Thank you everyone for coming to our Grand Opening!  We made over $1000 in raffles for our charity, Verity Pregnancy Center.  
Here are the winners who have agreed to their name announced:
Relaxing Scalp & Facial Massage-Lizeth Puebla
Jeuveau for a Year-Jane Santangelo & Aleisha Thearle
Xeomin for a Year-Holly Rousso
RHA Filler-Healther Taylor
Hydrodermabrasion Facial-Thamar Herman
Upneeq Experience "Nap in a Bottle"-Elisa Grossman
Nordlys IPL Experience-Wendy Ball
Sun & Fun Gift Bag-Missi Lasta, Elisa Grossman, Angie Mahr
Lips with Versa HA-Stephanie Sirriani & Roberta Dettman
Scupltra 2 Vial Treatment- Roberta Dettman
Vivace Microneedling-Danielle Kaczmarskji
Sweet-ish Massage-Danielle Kaczmarskji & Aleisha Thearle
Botox for a Year-Healther Taylor, Stephanie Sirianni, Danielle Kaczmarskji
Laser Hair Package of 6 Treatments-Debra Vasta
CO2RE Laser Experience-Tasha Morris, Lizeth Puebla
Sweetsculpt Package of 6-2 winners
Customizable Sweet Spot Facial-1 winner
Dermaplanning Facial-1 winner

Filler verses a Facelift


So, you have finally decided to go for it! You’ve booked that consultation that you have thought about for months, maybe even a couple of years. Every time you look in the mirror you don’t recognize yourself. The mirror shows ‘tired’ or ‘sad’ but you aren’t either of those things. You are close to retiring from a career you love; your children are starting to marry and you have a grandchild on the way. You have worked hard and lived and loved and are very happy, satisfied with life. You are looking forward to the next chapter. But…that mirror just keeps saying sad and tired. Now you sit in the chair with the provider in front of you describing what you “hate”. She says “for you to have a noticeable improvement I recommend toxin as well as fillers in the cheeks, around the mouth, chin, and jaw.” much is that going to cost me? “If you want optimal results, total will be around $5,000.”

The response I usually get after this is…I should just get a facelift. But let’s go ahead and examine this. A face lift will cost around $10,000 for the procedure, which does not include fees for the anesthesia and/or surgical facility. Additionally, you will miss nearly a month of work and have the added risk of complications from surgery. Finally; after this is all said and done, you will still continue to age.

If you chose filler and plan to spread treatment out over the course of a few months (spending $2,000/mo for 2-3 months) the cost incurred will not be as drastic and still much less in total. You will not have to miss any work. Risk for complications/adverse effects are much less. Most products last 1-2 years however after initial full recommended treatment, most clients only need touch up occasionally.

Certainly, every case is different and each individual needs to decide what is best for them. It is also your professional’s job (APRN, PA, MD, DO) to be honest with you regarding expectations. Hope this helps…now quit procrastinating and go book that consult!

Jen Moss, MSN, APRN, FNP-C Jennifer Moss is a full time nurse practitioner with Sweet Spot MediSpa. She has practiced since 2015 with a passion for helping individuals feel great about themselves. She very much enjoys medical aesthetics and is diligent in ensuring that every client feels comfortable and has a great experience. Jennifer also has an extensive background in emergency medicine, cardiology, and fitness and nutrition.

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